Trip is an arcade style game featuring fast-paced first-person shooter action. Bright colors, upbeat music and a simple mechanic makes this game ideal for VR. Traveling at close to the speed of light, you will take on the role of a highly charged beam destroying enemies and collecting power-ups as you build up enough energy for succesful particle collisions.


Aimed at Google Cardboard and similar inexpensive VR hardware, Trip is controlled entirely by the direction that you are looking. As a destructive particle beam, you destroy obstacles, hit targets and trigger spectacular collisions.


Indie video game development isn’t the only creative area that has seen explosive growth in recent years. Quality electronic music is increasingly pervasive and it is one of our goals to provide an outlet for new music producers and creatives. Every level will have its own soundtrack, with players having the option to easily switch tracks.


We are currently in beta and working with testers to dial in the gameplay experience. If you are in tested in working with us to improve our games, contact us at: info@gravitygames.com.

Other Platforms:

Trip is not limited to VR, iPad, phone and tablet devices will also be supported using trackpad and tilt mechanics.

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